The concept for My Photography Toolbox derived from the research  and work done on the Visual Language Cards. Even though the setup was closely related we did feel the need to play test it thoroughly. The first iterations where with friends and designers. and our main objectives were to figure out whether  the cards would indeed provide a playful activity and whether the placing icons on the card would help (as opposed to frame the approach of the the player).

For the last iteration of My Photography toolbox, staff and students from both Lyceum Rotterdam and  Wolfert van Borselen  welcomed us for a play test.

11th June 2018, Lyceum Rotterdam:

The cards look so nice, I’d like to have the deck to get inspired, also for school work“.

Connecting concepts with images is simple, the icons help, we didn’t even need to read the descriptions fully“.

We took a picture using the five cards in ten minutes. And it was beautiful.

12th June 2018, Wolfert Van Borselen, Rotterdam:

We asked the designers to make an answer sheet and they explained why is not necessary. It’s true, it’s better to discuss it.”

Where can I buy the game? I want to play during holidays

It teaches you!