Multilingual play: the fun and the wisdom of linguistic diversity

In PISPA every player sees the other players’ cards instead of theirs. You have to compose words by revealing the letters in your hand to one another. Words are assembled by putting together other player’s letters and one of your own.

Pispa promotes linguistic diversity and esteem for vocabulary, activates memory, increases visual-mental association, gives free rein to strategy, sustains collaboration.

A deck of cards with 114 letters of the latin alphabet that will make your head swim.

Find words in scattered letters, and refresh your multilingual vocabulary with a pinch of collaboration and strategy.

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Pispa is crowdfunded and the first edition is released in Catalunya. For English and Dutch market, please contact us at:

Concepte: Rosa Pons-Cerdà | Disseny gràfic: Lenno Verhoog | Il·lustració: David G. Forés

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