A visual challenge in the shape of a quartet game

Practicing to understand how images are constructed, how they translate ideas and generate impact is crucial. My Photography Game trains to identify the crucial elements in photographs, paintings and illustrations.

Look carefully at the images and ask yourself what you see: the types of lines, positions, groups, colors… What do you think the painter/ artist wanted to show or express? How does this image make you feel?

Ages: 7 to 99 | 1 to 6 players.

How to play: Hand a theme pink card to each player. Place the image cards one by one on the table. The players have to recognize if the image belongs to their card. After collecting a quartet, all players stop, check if the quartet is correct, and the player gets a new pink card or goes on. The winner is the player with more quartets. Afterwards, all players choose a favorite theme and take a photograph adding it up.

Here are some example cards and their content's background