Actions Beyond Expectation, A Social Activator Game

In LOST SENSE players perform a special greeting action with their hands while they discover the fun of having to recognize each other without the help of vision neither sound.

26 Characters to be Played with a wide combination of rules.

Different rule sets for different purposes or situations: ice breaker, tone setter… in class, at the start of a project, with friends… The cards can be used for teaming up as well as for educational purposes.

Exercise the Senses. Can you recognize your own friends or family when they touch your hands, but you can not see neither hear them? It may sound awkward, but most people can’t! We are researching the implications of non verbal communication in social interactions. The language of the body, the gestures, or the touch, are sources of self-awareness as well as context awareness that we hardly understand.

If you wish to acquire the 0.1 version, send us an email to

The Art in the Illustrations

In the DNA of the cards rests the love for classic paintings and engravings. Each card is a collage of at least three classical artworks with a special homage to Cranach the Elder and Albrecht Dürer. This is our attempt of exalting the works of these great masters through re-sampling.

While designing we had a marvelous time looking up old paintings and figuring out which elements and parts to adapt. It provoked us to take closer looks at the little corners behind the painting’s main subjects. We were rewarded with the most beautiful and weirdest details like weary gnomes on leashes held by nymphs. Some elements proved useful or inspirational for this game, most were just plain impressive.

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