Inclusive Design and Advice

Knowledge transfer is at the basis of our practice; we revolve around visual literacy, creative processes, diversity and inclusion. We design learning tools and games, and advice organizations with their challenges on these topics.

  • Visual Literacy: acquiring critical knowledge and counter-visuality tools to deconstruct the flow of constant mediated images and input.
  • Creative Processes: implementing practice-based research to become conscious of one’s own unique practice, phases and creative obstacles.
  • Inclusive Pedagogies: learning tools focused on diversity and inclusion with the aim of countering assimilation and the influence of normativity.

What we could do for you - or together

Self-learning in visual language:

the 4th edition of My Photography Toolbox

a reference deck of cards for those who work with images, photography and visual design. Each card plays with a visual concept like Composition, Fundamentals, Principles or even Attitudes and is complemented by an example card.