We design and develop Learning Tools.

Our aim is to disseminate inclusive practices, senses reliance and critical visual literacy for institutes, teachers, students and makers. With a strong focus on self expression, transdisciplinarity and creative research.
Earthborn are willing to learn, although there are different ways of learning, expressing and creating that we have to care for. We believe that demanding challenges lead to deep learning, the joy of failure, the urge to have another go at it, and ultimately …to realisation.
At Ponsverhoog we guide you in developing a variety of lenses and approaches in order to learn and teach simultaneously. We put as much attention to designing possibilities for change as we do to examining obstacles. Whether you are looking for learning tools, course training or custom made educational products, we are eager to improve your practice or organisation.

Playful Learning in visual language:the 2nd edition of My Photography Toolbox

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We work on:


Offering learning tools for – and courses on- inclusive learning and expression of the self. Our tools aim to take away the competitive influence of normativity, othering & socialMedia and help people to self-express through creative means.


As part of the 21st century literacy skills, we strive to enhance a better understanding of visual language in a world that is build upon constant mediated images and input.
Our learning tools help deconstruct and construct the message.


Implementing practice based research on creative processes enriches the diversity and uniqueness of all kinds of makers. It shows that all learning styles have their own unique set of methods. We avoid design solutionism towards context analysis followed by imaginative risk taking.


Bringing it further than problem solving skills, we stand for critical decolonizing of the self as a method to also reflect and position one self in a . . .uh . . . complex world.

Institutes we have proudly collaborated with: