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[NL] Wij zijn een ontwerpersduo met als doel  krachtige leerervaringen te ontwerpen door middel van ervaring en spel – voornamelijk over ‘Beeldtaal’; en ‘creatieve processen’.  Pedagogie, ludo-didactiek en practice-based research zijn daarbij immer onze inhoudelijke onderleggers. Wij vinden het wezenlijk belangrijk dat een zo groot mogelijke groep mensen visueel geletterd raakt en zich creatief kan uiten.

[UK] We design and develop Learning Games, Ludo-didactic Tools, Customised Workshops and we provide advice on creative processes and visual language. Ludo-didactics (pedagogy of play) and a vast expertise as designers, educators and practice-based researchers are our strongest features and serve as a basis in everything we do.

[CAT] Dissenyem i desenvolupem jocs i eines educatives, cursos a mida i proveïm assessorament en processos creatius i en llenguatge visual. La ludo-didàctica i una àmplia experiència com a creadors i com a traductors de la nostra pràctica en entorns d’ensenyament i recerca, són els nostres punts forts i la base de tot el que fem.

November 2019

Out now: My Photography Game 

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October 2019

The second edition of My Photography Toolbox

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Why do we do what we do?

Our research revolves around education in visual expression; deconstructing visual propaganda; the designer’s ethical approach to the use of images; and the creation of an open network for meeting and mixing our visual cultures.

Our designs aim to contribute to visual literacy for all and to demystify creative processes by understanding motives, decisions and strategies.

On the peak of the uncritical image era transmitted via social media, stuffed with shameful selfies and frivolous snap shots, we find solace in studying the fluidities of visual expression, and designing tools for acquiring critical eyes and creative skills.

We hope to find answers looking at the cultures where the delirium to show is smaller. And to contribute with alternatives to systems of thinking, whether it is in the context of an organisation, a school, or in any social construct.

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