PoV advises organisations and designs training experiences on visual communication, intercultural & intersectional implementation, conflict solving, curriculum and pedagogical challenges.


Card based games with unique mechanics and easy to play. Our games focus on creativity and communication. Collaboration and a bit of competition go hand in hand.

Games and Learning Tools

We work on:

Inclusive Pedagogy

Offering learning tools for – and courses on- inclusivity, coping with conflict, and improving communication skills.

Our tools aim to take away the competitive influence of normativity, othering & social media, focusing on self-growth through creative means and collaboration.

Visual Literacy

As part of the 21st century literacy skills, we strive to enhance a better understanding of visual language in a world that is build upon constant mediated images and input.

Our learning tools help deconstruct and construct the message.

Creative Practices

Implementing practice based research in creative processes enriches the diversity and uniqueness of all kinds of makers.

Our expertise is both in the process (through methods and designerly ways of thinking) as wel as on the process: raising awareness of one’s own unique practice, phases and creative obstacles.

Playful Learning in visual language:the 3rd edition of My Photography Toolbox

a reference deck of cards for those who work with images, photography and visual design. Each card plays with a visual concept like Composition, Fundamentals, Principles or even Attitudes and is complemented by an example card.

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We work together with institutes and organizations in the move towards change and future practices. You are most welcome to contact us for workshops, consultancy or a design for learning.

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Our background in arts and media education, game design, interaction design, concept design, film making and soft management means we can offer heterogeneous resources, strategies, tools and methods.

Institutes we have proudly collaborated with: