Consultancy and Courses

Informed advice on intersectional challenges and new practices

Change needs courage, yet change in a system occurs from within, with honest analysis followed by creative thinking.Our varied backgrounds in arts and media education, game design, interaction design, concept design, film making and soft management offer hetereogeneous resources, tools and methods.

We work together with institutes and organizations in the move towards change and future practices. Contact us for advice, consultancy or a design for learning.

Courses and Workshops

These experiential courses and workshops are set up acknowledging that change (and learning) manifest through our brains as well as through our bodies.

Diversity and Inclusion

realising safe spaces and the richness of diversity

Acknowledging non dominant differences as a powerful source of interaction, and the terminology on inclusion and exclusion.

  • Creating a safe space.
  • Making together to find out the dynamics in a group.
  • Study cases as situated examples of the power of diversity.
  • Embodied activities to feel myself and the other for changing group dynamics.
  • Tools for allowing play, imagination, possibility, collaborative renewal, and engaged ethics.

Engaged Pedagogy

courses for teachers and educators

What we do, and how we do it, needs to be shared, understood, pedagogically defined and mobilized through our practice. This is the base of our self-actualization workshops.

  • Embodied exercises to dismantle the central position of the “institutional teacher”.
  • Study case scenarios to dissect critical repetitive situations.
  • The application of memetics to assess complex behavior.
  • Methods to engage students to critique, make suggestions, take part of the process.
  • Tools for building up caring attitudes, and sense of community.
  • Play as learning activator.

Visual literacy and Visual Cultures

courses in understanding the structures of visual communication

Understanding how photographs make meaning. Acquiring a practice of interpretation by experimenting with the principles of visual language, and a critical eye to confront the overload of visual propaganda.

  • Individual and team based experiments combining visual rules.
  • Image analysis, connoted meaning and context.
  • Exercises that offer active forms of lifelong self-learning, stimulate experimentation and creativity while enabling critical thinking.

Creative Processes

enhancing awareness of - and confidence in - individual creative processes

Understanding the different phases in creative work. Working in trans-disciplinary collaboration.

  • Research and design by doing.
  • Activities combining informal research tools and experimentation.
  • Individual and team based experiments with different materials.
  • Study cases of different practices.
  • Tools for allowing play, imagination, possibility, collaborative renewal, and engaged ethics.