Play with the basic rules of Photography to become a Master.

Do you like taking pictures? Is the scene perfect, but your photo isn’t?
If so, this is your game. An adventure in finding the missing ingredients to compose outstanding photographs.

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Decide which object or element has a greater importance by deliberately playing with its size.

Move yourself up high, or down to the ground, sideways or at waist height to experience the alteration.

Look for striking or subtle colour combinations and compare the outcomes.

My Photography Toolbox is an art creation dexterity game for creating powerful images and learning the basic principles in photography. You’ll love photography even more when you see your skills expanded. It is played in teams of one, two or three players with a smartphone or a compact camera.
Being a good photographer is a combination of playing with the fundamentals,  creativity and your personal attitude, there’s no right or wrong!
Available from October 2018 at BIS publishers, museum shops and concept stores

14 + Played individually or in small teams of 2-3 players.
Components: 30 Concept Cards (Genre, Composition, Principles, Fundamentals, Attitude), 30 Example Cards, 9 Audience Awards.

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“We took a picture using the five cards in ten minutes. And it was beautiful.”

“it was a very helpful way of making photographs”

“running around and concocting an image by using the things around you was hilarious”