Play with the basic rules of Photography to become a Master

Do you like taking pictures? Is the scene perfect, but your photo isn’t? If so, this is your game, an adventure finding the missing ingredients to compose outstanding photographs.

My Photography Toolbox is an art creation dexterity game for creating powerful images and learning the basic principles in photography. You’ll love photography even more when you see your skills expanded. It is played in teams of one, two or three players with a smartphone or a compact camera.

Being a good photographer is a combination of playing with the fundamentals with creativity and a personal attitude, there’s no right or wrong!

What the players say…

11th June 2018, Lyceum Rotterdam:

“Connecting concepts with images is simple, the icons help, we didn’t even need to read the descriptions fully”.

“We took a picture using the five cards in ten minutes. We were the first. It was easy!”

“The cards look so nice, I’d like to have the deck to get inspired, also for school work”.

12th June 2018, Wolfert Van Borselen, Rotterdam:

“If you are not the first in matching you have an advantage when it’s your turn. We asked the designers to make an answer sheet ant they explained why is not necessary. It’s true, it’s better to discuss it.”

“Where can I buy the game? I want to play during holidays”

“It teaches you!”