A game to train your eye and improve your skills on visual language

My Photography Toolbox is a reference deck of cards for those who work with images, photography and visual design.
Each card plays with a visual concept like Composition, Fundamentals, Principles or even Attitudes and is complemented by an example card. The box contains two rule sets, but serves also as an aid in the design process, or as a conversation piece between designers and clients. Whichever use, it’s aim is to improve visual literacy.

My Photography Toolbox can be played with a smartphone or a compact camera; with paper and scissors; with pencils or paint.


The second edition is available at BIS publishers, Bol, Laurence King (UK), Barnes & Noble (USA), museum shops and concept stores


Read the review in dutch on www.Fotografie.nl

14 + Played individually or in small teams of 2-3 players.
Components: 30 Concept Cards (Genre, Composition, Principles, Fundamentals, Attitude), 30 Example Cards, 9 Audience Awards.

Examples of the card's content

Decide which object or element has a greater importance by deliberately playing with its size.

Move yourself up high, or down to the ground, sideways or at waist height to experience the alteration.

Look for striking or subtle colour combinations and compare the outcomes.

impressions of play

Observing the new visuality of culture is not the same as understanding it“.
Nicholas Mirzoeff