Courses and Workshops

We have a vast experience in education, ludo-didactics, creative processes and media. Our courses and workshops have a strong didactical basis on learning by doing and game-like methodology. We treat creativity as the skill to ensure resourcefulness and adaptability to change.

We work and have worked for HKU Utrecht University of the Arts; UVIC-UCC Universitat de Vic-Universitat Central de Catalunya; WDKA Willem De Kooning Academy, Rotterdam; ERAM Escola Universitària de Realització Audiovisual i Multimèdia, Girona; and have given International courses in Bangalore (India), Barcelona (Spain), Irbene and Liepaja (Latvia), Komárom (Hungary), Rotterdam and Utrecht (The Netherlands),  Sao Paolo (Brazil), Tampere (Finland) Toronto (Canada).


Pressure Cook Course on you and your relation to the public space. Through various design methods the participant researches her environment and creates an intervention from a designers point of view. The goal of this workshop is to become aware of the influences around you and to be able to filter them in a designerly way of thinking. How to make full use of it  and how to contribute to this very same surroundings? These are the main questions addressed.

Cultural Diversity and Media Content

A game-like activity to discover the cultural diversity and the prejudices in an intercultural team. This first make-aware-practice is used to explore and validate ideas in the search of content outside-the-box. Playing with cards students learn the different working cultures defined by Hofstede and the cultural advantage described by Huijser. The discussions are used to design strategies to undertake intercultural projects.

Meaningful Experience Design

We put students in a time bubble to create something from basic computer hardware to a final meaningful interactive work. The purpose of working with physical interfaces is that they find new ways of thinking their designs.

Pitching & Presenting

Pressure Cook Course on how to prepare and construct a convincing presentation. In this workshop participants learn how to create  – or further  develop – their concepts. By using the ‘concept-format’ you explore each part of your idea in order to re-construct your designs and research into a mind blowing presentation.

The Process of Writing and Making a Documentary

Analyzing different documentary styles and authors for the decision making of the students about the film they can write. The purpose is to achieve a method for developing meaningful contextualized ideas and designing low cost production processes.

Visual Grammar as Foundation

A playful course in Visual Language. In order to learn the basics of – or  to expand knowledge on  visual grammar participants use the Visual Language Cards to analyse existing artworks; create their own artworks; and learn to motivate and argument on visual works. After contextual exercises participants unite and play  “The Visual Language Cards-game” to further develop their acquired skills. This activating-method is an eye-opener in visual literacy for both the novice and the expert. The course varies in length depending upon wishes and skills.

Eyes and shots: how to create visual tension

A technique to convert words into images in search of multiple literary meanings. Directing actors to find the best shot to communicate the tension and the subtext intensity in the script.  The outcome is a visual plan with shots and vectors, and the resulting produced and edited scene.