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Set up

Each player is a creature of the bewitched forest, except the Prince (who is lost and needs a compass) and Fortuna (who rules the game). Every creature has an assignment for interacting physically when meeting the Prince: you may shake hands, hug, massage, use your hands as pows, pinch or make bubble sounds, but you may never talk. How fast is the Prince going to recognize who is who if he is blindfolded?

The object of the game is for the blindfolded player holding the Prince card to find the player holding the Compass card.

A sensory friendly game

Lost Prince is the perfect game to play with people you know well. It’s easy, fun, fast and can be played in large groups. It spices up all meetings by experiencing the presence of others through touch and sound.

Ideal for families, friends, co-workers and class-mates.

Touch and feel!

Use your fingers, hands, arms or knees and find out the variety of ways to touch depending on the kind of card you play. The orange are friendly, the yellow are pleasant,  the purple are cheeky and the grey are mischievous. Be creative: the fun is guaranteed!

Being the Prince is such a revealing sensory experience that the most unexpected happens: couples don’t guess each other, parents don’t recognize their children, soulmates guess themselves wrong and the game becomes an astonishing experience that many want to try again and again.






Game play

Place chairs in a circle. Set the Compass card aside and deal an equal number of cards as players with the Prince and Fortuna always included in the deck. Only the players that have drawn the Prince and Fortuna cards reveal their identities.

Fortuna blindfolds the Prince with a scarf, and then takes the Compass card and gives it to another player, making sure that the Prince does not know whom. They players impersonating forest creatures should quietly switch seats any time they suspect that the Prince may be able to figure out who is sitting where.

The game starts when, with each of her hands, Fortuna preselects two players holding creature cards and then asks the Prince: Do you want to go left or right?. The Prince chooses left or right, and then the corresponding chosen player stands up and plays her card accordingly.


  • 40 playing cards
  • Number of players: from 5 to 26
  • Ages: 7 to 97

Distribution of cards according to the number of players

Use always the Prince, Fortuna and the Compass cards.

5 to 7 players> Double the amount of creatures, so that every player has two cards (except the Prince and Fortuna). Put the Giver, the Spinner and the Idiot cards aside.

8 to 12 players> Include either the Giver, the Spinner or the Idiot cards (just one).

13 to 26 players> Use any card.







The rules of Lost Prince are  designed as an easy to walk through map. You can download it here:

The Ruleset as a map


At Schools

The game can be used as an activity to disinhibit children; to release tension; to talk about senses, emotions, the body … Lost Prince is being played every Friday on May 2017, at the primary school La Sínia (Vic, Barcelona) as part of a project of putting children to play together from different groups and levels. During 90 minutes, the children stay connected and enjoy the possibility given by the game of interacting with each other through touch.

The results are very positive: 99% rate it very high and thank the teachers who introduced the game. Through this ongoing test, we discovered that professionals of special needs and disabled childen recommend the game for its characteristics.

If you are interested in finding out more, contact us.

We also have proposals for families, for friends, for couples and for the elderly.

Our play testers said…

Jacques, 35, S’Hertohenbosch, The Netherlands, 30th March 2017:: “I would definitely like to have this game in my collection.

Aina, 13. Balenyà, Barcelona, 8th February 2017: “Please, let me be the Prince once more!” (after having played twice as Prince)

Cristina, 22. Antwerp, Belgium, 1st April 2017: “Being the Knight was exciting, I was wishing the Prince to choose me, but I wasn’t sure I could hold my laughter when riding”.

Kim, 35, Hostalets, Barcelona, 7th May 2017: “Being the Prince it was so unexpected, I really lost the notion of who was who, and what was going on

Nico, 7, Hostalets, Barcelona, 7th May 2017: “Mom didn’t recognize me!”


Pol, 11. Barcelona, 7th May 2017: “What a game, my parents didn’t guess each other and I laughed so hard I had to swap positions with Alba“.

Alba, 14. Barcelona, 7th May 2017: “I didn’t believe the others when they commented it feels so different when you are blindfoded, and when I had to be the Prince it happended to me! it’s unbeliavable

Roser, 52. Vic, Barcelona, 5th May 2017: “As a teacher I proposed the game to my group because I know the designers and I thought it was worthy a try. It resulted into discovering a superb group dynamic activity, so I asked if I could keep the prototype at school“.

Ahmed, 9. Vic, Barcelona, 19th May 2017:: “It was super funny to be the Wind”.







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