A sensory friendly game

Lost Prince is a group-dynamic game in which the senses – and mainly the sense of touch – play an important part. The game builds up body awareness and inter-social awareness with intent to a better understanding of the self and the other. It’s easy, fast and can be played in large groups.

Un joc sobre els sentits

El Príncep Perdut és un joc de dinàmica de grup en que es juga amb el sentit i la percepció del tacte, la consciència del propi cos i de l’altre. És de nivell fàcil i es pot jugar en grups de fins a 26 jugadors de totes les edats.

Game Play

The Princess has lost The Prince. The forest enchantment leaves her without sight and him without words. In order to find the Prince and undo the enchantment, she has to find a compass. The forest creatures know who hides it, but they collaborate only if they hear their names and they communicate only with their hands and body. The Princess has to sharpen her senses in order to recognize who does what and obtain hints. The Prince has to find ways to tell her who hides the compass without speaking!

40 playing cards

From 6 to 26 players

Ages 7 to 97

Dinàmica del joc

La Princesa ha perdut el Príncep al bosc embruixat. Ella no hi veu i ell no pot parlar. Per trobar al Príncep i desfer l’encanteri li cal trobar una Brúixola. Els habitants del bosc saben qui la té però només col·laboren amb ells si endevinen qui són i només es comuniquen amb les mans i el cos. La Princesa ha d’afinar tots els sentits per poder reconèixer qui li fa què i obtenir una pista cada vegada. El Príncep se les ha d’empescar per a fer-li entendre qui dels jugadors amaga la Brúixola, sense poder parlar!

The rules of Lost Prince are  designed through iterations of different types of groups. At the moment, there’s a latter version to be tested soon. Here we share the first visual set of rules.

The Ruleset as a map

In the DNA of the cards rests the love for classic paintings and engravings. Each card is a collage of at least three classical artworks with a special homage to Cranach the Elder and Albrecht Dürer. This is our copyleft attempt of re-sampling as well as honoring the works of these great masters. While designing we had a marvelous time looking up old paintings and figuring out which elements and parts to adapt. It provoked us to take closer looks at the little corners behind the painting’s main subjects. We were rewarded with the most beautiful and weirdest details like weary gnomes on leashes held by nymphs. Some elements proved useful or inspirational for this game, most were just plain impressive.

We like sharing our designs. Here is a downloadable gift that is a clean version of the promotional poster. Print it or share it!

The poster as a gift to your wall

We celebrated last Sant Jordi with a Lost Prince gift because each 23rd of April  the Catalan tradition is to give a rose and a book to the ones you love.
“the Knight invites you to click the button below and send a digital rose, or print it and give it as a analogue bookmark. Expand the festivity! It’s about love, literature and culture.”

card to your beloved (st Jordi)

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