A Physical Skill Game perfect for parties and social gatherings.

In LOST PRINCE creatures of the enchanted medieval forest team up to have fun misleading the Princess that lost her Prince. Every player has a unique character that performs a special gesture to deliver to the Princess. The fun rises when observing the struggle of the Princess in recognizing the rest of the players acting as creatures. The matchless mechanism of touch-recognize creates an unstoppable atmosphere of burst out laughing.

A maximum of four rounds keeps the game fast and challenging.

6-26 players, ages 7+

Exercise the Lazy Senses:

Can you recognize your own family and friends when you can’t see neither hear them?

The innovative feature of LOST PRINCE is that the players are not allowed to speak to each other and instead have to use their hands and body as means of expression. The rules ensure that all players are actively participating.

Throughout the play-tests, the game proved to feel different at all ages. It is a hit for children and young adults, although adults experience a different kind of amusement, based on the clumsiness in winning.

Un joc sobre els sentits

El Príncep Perdut és un joc de dinàmica de grup en que es juga amb el sentit i la percepció del tacte a través de gestos inusuals. És de nivell fàcil i es pot jugar en grups grans de totes les edats.

How it works:

Easy to Play, Difficult to Win

Lost Prince is played in a maximum of five rounds. Each round stages the Princess being guided through the forest by Fortuna, choosing a path and stumbling on a creature. The Princess has to find the Prince with her eyes blindfolded. The Prince is one of the creatures in the forest. The creatures perform the gestures in their card to the Princess. The gestures are played individually or in groups (in case of an ambush). The Princess wins if she finds out who is the Prince.


Game Components

2 Green Cards: The Princess and Fortuna

6 Red Cards: The Owl, The Reaper, The Prince, The Nun, The Giver, The Idiot

6 Yellow Cards: The Sun, The Wind, The Guru, The Troubadour, The Physicist, The Witch

6 Brown Cards: The Tempest, The Tree, The Donkey, The Taker, The Kid, The Burglar

6 Purple Cards: The Rain, The Scorpion, The Panther, The Wolf, The Walking Fish, The Knight

A scarf

Players: 6 to 26

Ages: 7 to 97

Dinàmica del joc

La Princesa ha de trobar el Príncep al bosc embruixat amb els ulls tapats. Els habitants del bosc amaguen el Príncep i només col·laboren amb ella si endevina qui són quan es comuniquen amb les mans i el cos. La Princesa ha d’afinar tots els sentits per poder reconèixer qui li fa què i obtenir una pista cada vegada. El Príncep només la pot ajudar oferint-li la mà o la galta si al final de la partida la Princesa no l’ha trobat. Si la Princesa descobreix qui és, guanya, si no tots dos queden penalitzats a fer el so de la mosca vironera a la següent partida.

Com el pots trobar

De moment, el Príncep Perdut el pots adquirir a internet en la versió zero: les cartes fan la mida del tarot i tenen un acabat que les protegeix perquè durin més, la caixa és la típica de guardar-hi cartes, així t’oferim un bon preu abans que surti al mercat amb caixa dura. Envian’s un missatge i t’explicarem com funciona: info@ponsverhoog.org

The Rules

The rules of Lost Prince have been designed through iterations of different types of groups since February 2017. The final version is the result of the analysis of the last play tests run in September and October 2017. Here, you can read the final rules.

We share also the first set of rules that we elaborated in a visual form. An homage to our followers who played with the first deck of cards and for those who are interested in creative processes.

The Art in the Illustrations

In the DNA of the cards rests the love for classic paintings and engravings. Each card is a collage of at least three classical artworks with a special homage to Cranach the Elder and Albrecht Dürer. This is our copyleft attempt of re-sampling as well as exalting the works of these great masters. While designing we had a marvelous time looking up old paintings and figuring out which elements and parts to adapt. It provoked us to take closer looks at the little corners behind the painting’s main subjects. We were rewarded with the most beautiful and weirdest details like weary gnomes on leashes held by nymphs. Some elements proved useful or inspirational for this game, most were just plain impressive.

How to Acquire Lost Prince

If you wish to acquire the zero version, send us an email to info@ponsverhoog.org and we’ll explain you how.

Propietats del joc

El joc és apte per a totes les edats i tipologies de grups.

En l’àmbit escolar és apropiat per estimular el coneixement de l’altre a través de les sensacions, sense judicis de valor. Pot ser una eina pel desenvolupament sensorial i comunicatiu i pot ser usat per al debat sobre temes tan diversos com els rols de gènere, la comunicació, la invidència  o la sensualitat.

Tant en les il·lustracions com en l’assignació de rols s’ha buscat trencar estereotips i estimular les capacitats expressives de la persona.

We like sharing our designs. Here is a downloadable gift that is a clean version of the promotional poster. Print it or share it!

The poster as a gift to your wall

We celebrated last Sant Jordi with a Lost Prince gift because each 23rd of April  the Catalan tradition is to give a rose and a book to the ones you love.
“the Knight invites you to click the button below and send a digital rose, or print it and give it as a analogue bookmark. Expand the festivity! It’s about love, literature and culture.”

card to your beloved (st Jordi)

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