Visual Language CardsToolbox and Learning Game

The Visual Language Cards (VLCards) is a playful, handy deck of cards describing numerous visual elements and concepts. Use them as a inspiration for your design; as a means for talking to clients; or as tool for learning more about visual grammar.
The VLCards are also used as the core of a educational board game for schools, institutes, organisations and individuals who want to enhance visual literacy.

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My Photography ToolboxTheory & Practice Blended

Play with the basic rules of Photography to become a master.
A tool for creating powerful images and learning the basic principles of photography. It includes two sets of rules. BE A MASTER, in which you make a picture based on a photography genre and on given rules. REFINE YOUR EYE helps you to discover the principles of the art while looking at existent photos.

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Lost PrinceSocial Game and Teaming Activity

A role game that enhances the sensory perception of others by guessing who is who.
Illustrated with beautiful arty images, it excites the player’s imagination with the vibrant paintings and engravings of the middle ages, the renaissance and beyond.
Can be played at all ages with the same simple mechanics for different contexts.

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