Running project

We've worked on a card based group game that enhances the perception of others. Based mainly on physical contact, it can be played at all ages. It is illustrated with beautiful arty images to excite the player’s imagination, and to pay tribute to the vibrant paintings and engravings of the middle ages, the renaissance and beyond.

Lost Prince can be played in many different ways athough the mechanics are always clear and simple to remember.

Ongoing projects

and ones that we just finished

Visual Language Cards

The Visual Language Cards (VLCards) is a playful, handy deck of cards describing numerous visual elements and concepts. Use them as a inspiration for your design; as a means for talking to clients; or as tool for teaching and learning about visual grammar.

Explore the VLcards as a toolbox

Meaningful Experience Design

A workshop for students of different specialties at the Srishti Interim 2016 in Bangalore, India. With the clear goal of a meaningful design and a four weeks deadline, students created art installations and digital products with recyclable technology and research tools. The Goethe Institute held the exhibition during two days.

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The VLCards are the underlayer of a game in which students learn about visual grammar.
The VLCardsgame is being developed into a real educational board game for schools, institutes, organisations and individuals who want to enhance visual literacy.

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What can we do for you?

We help in advising and the training of teachers, in developing courses for schools or organisations.
And yes, we’ll be delighted to shift your needs into game mechanics.

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We are currently looking for institutes and teachers interested in the VLCards as a tool to implement in their courses. We can gladly help and guide. The VLCardsGame is especially suitable for art related courses, courses on creativity and courses on visual literacy.

Since we are in the midst of finding a publisher, for now, we are printing the cards and the game on demand. They are available both in English and Dutch.

A bit of us

We studied and worked in the field of Media; Design; and Filmmaking. We have been teaching for a number of years and attained profound pedagogic knowledge. Now we put our power to use in the development of (educational) games.

Rosa Pons-Cerdà

is a interdisciplinary nomad professional with a background in film making; media; and education. She designs games and playful learning experiences

Lenno Verhoog

is a master of education and has his roots in media-art and design. The love for games and playful learning is strongly shared and put into practice with Rosa.

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